Basically, install a statue on a wall or its call 3D Wall Mural Art Installation

Step- 1

it's Very simply on the installed statue on wall, At first you need to take a measurement of the statue / wall mural Art, take proper measurement of  height and width it's maybe small size or big size statue, process will be same of both statue / wall mural art.

Step- 2

Then Measurement of the wall you want to put statue on the wall of the house. Measure your wall left and right / Up and down according to the size of the statue / Wall Mural Art. Then You have to used a drill machine for drill your statue (Left - 2 pc) (Right - 2pc) (Up - 2pc) (Down - 2pc) Once the statue is drilled Complete. Then started same position drilled on wall.

Now you can save the statue on wall using screws, Then you tight the screws properly. Now your statue will be fitted very well on the wall and it's look very beautiful. You can do this job very well at home, you don't need an extra mechanic.

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