How to  remove the first colour of Ganesh Murti and colour it again

Ganesh Murti and colour

You didn't mention it. Ganesh Murti made in which materials. It's........

  • Clay Ganesh Murti
  • Fiber Ganesh Murti
  • Cement Ganesh Murti
  • Metal Ganesh Murti
  • Stone Ganesh Murti

Clay Ganesh Murti Painting

Because repainting on clay statues is a little tough. you can't removed full color from body, you can just repaint again using water color or Oil color.

Fiber Ganesh Murti Painting

The color of the fiber Ganesha idol can be removed properly. To remove this color, you need to buy a color remover from the market. You have to soak the idol in it first. Then you cleaning with the series paper & water, then old color will come out from the Ganesh MurtiThen you can buy any popular brand of oil color or acrylic color from the market & start paint as you want to make more beautiful Ganesh Murti.

Cement Ganesh MurtiMetal Ganesh MurtiStone Ganesh Murti, painting process I talked about above is the same process that is applied in this direction. First you have to clean the statue very well. Then bring the color from market, Then you start painting as you wish. If you want to know more we have a lot of painting videos on our YouTube channel you can watch and if you have any specific questions you can contact us our contact number +91 7890277878  

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