How to make a mold from clay Ganesh Murti

How to make a mold from clay Ganesh Murti

There are many ways to make a mold of Ganesha Murti. You didn't mention what mold to make. Plaster of Paris or silicone mold or fiber mold. If you mentioned, it would be good to give proper answer. However, I will tell you a few steps.

Plaster of Paris mold Making Process

Before making a Ganesha murti mold, observe the Ganesha idol carefully. What is the size of the idol. If the idol is between 1 feet or 2 feet, if any arm or leg outside from figure, if all arm or leg including with figure, each time mold will be different. take a decision from your end.
it's may be two side Ganesh murti mold or multi pc ganesh murti mold.

Now Start ......

At first you have to clean the Ganesha Murti very well so that it is look smart, Then you place it on a clean plywood and after it is a little dry, you will partition it according to the Ganesha Murti so that your mold is released properly from plaster of Paris. check this bellow video .........

Then you place it on a clean plywood board and after it is a little dry, you will partition it according to the Ganesha statue using clay or any thin plastic. After partitioning you do the whole body on the oil or waxpol polished so that the plaster does not get entangled with the Ganesh murti body. check video ......

Then you mixed the plaster of Paris with a little hot water, Give the whole body front part fast  Ganesh murti, If it is a little dry, then you can use the plaster of Paris in water again for the second time. after little dry used third time on Ganesh murti.

Just like you used the plaster of Paris on the front side of Ganesh idol, you use it on the back side. Now you give three to four hours time for it to dry properly.

When you see that the Ganesh mold is well dried, you will do the work, remove the soil inside the mold then clean properly then again dry daylight. Because later if you produce Ganesh murti on the plaster mold then it will come out very easily. Now enjoy & produce many more Ganesh idols everyday. If you want more information about different mold making process please check or YouTube channel video  or if you want to buy readymade Ganesh Murti mold please contact us +91 7890277878

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