If you want to make any personal Human statue & sculpture from any photograph in any type of medium such as Fiberglass, Metal, Marble Dust, Cement to keep at home then you can contact PG Art. We make different types of Personalized half sculpture and full sculpture in India & International Market.

1. Photograph Collect From Customer

First you send us all Human photographs which you want to make from us, then finalized the position you want to make and we will first measure each of them and share you all the measurement, after your final confirmation we start work.

pg art

2. Start Clay Sculpture

If you understand your size and measurement then if you confirm then we will start working on it. First we make the whole statue out of clay. We will continue to send photos. We will telecast your work on YouTube live. After seeing the statue, when you conclude that yes it is perfect, it matches my photo, then we take it in molding.

clay human sculpture

human face made in clay

3d human clay sculpture

human portrait making artist

3. Start 3D Human Sculpture Painting

When the clay statue is complete, first we make mold then start production &  converted to different materials as per customer requirements like the fiberglass, cement statue, bronze statue, etc. Then we start coloring is a very important thing. We have to do the color very patiently and slowly. If we can do the job very well then Human Sculpture match with the original photo.

picture to human sculpture

Personalized 3D Human Sculpture

3D Human Sculpture

Human Sculpture

Human face Sculpture

For more information you can connect us +91 7890277878

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